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Sweet Treats & Dirty Heat (eBook, ePUB)
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This anthology includes 20 stories from 21 of your favorite bestselling authors, ranging from so sweet to velvety hot. Julie Morgan, USA Today Bestselling Author Playing Her Body When shy meets wild, keys will be played. Nicole Garcia, New York Times Bestselling Author Decadent Dreams Opposites don´t always attract. Sometimes they ignite with a burning desire so deep, nothing can extinguish the flame except for the one person you are trying so desperately to stay away from. Claudy Conn, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Runaway Heart Chelsea takes on the London beau monde…but the one beau she falls in love with, belongs to her aunt! What is she to do? Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn, USA Today Bestselling Authors Painkiller All it takes is one night to fall far too deep. Teri Riggs, USA Today Bestselling Author Sex in the Crazy Zone With four children, two large dogs, and extremely busy lives, is it possible for Ben and Angie to find time for sex in the crazy zone? C.L. Pardington, Amazon Bestselling Author In the Midst of a Hurricane Amid tragedy and disaster, will Remy and Davina find the courage to recapture the love they lost? Lily-Ann Johnson, Amazon Bestselling Blondie's Hero (Heart of Teufel Hundens 1) Bar Owner Mary-Alice Roberts needs a hero. Recently dumped and in need of an experienced bartender. Will Retired Marine SSgt Jake Peterson be the Hero the Blondie needs? Cassandra Carr, Amazon Bestselling Author Two on One Breakaway Will Haley take a chance at happy-ever-after with Ian and Derek on this Valentine's Day or miss her chance forever? Cherime MacFarlane, Award-Winning Author Deidre of the Sorrows She killed his father, must she get rid of Daniel too? A.J. Matthews Come Undone Mac is desperately in love with his best friend Trini—but is afraid his autism will keep her from ever loving him. Can a spur-of-the-moment road trip to find Trini´s dad bring them together—or will it tear them apart forever? Summer Graystone A Different Kind of Pain Could this crazy plan really work though? Would Luka be able give Maisy this one last wish, something more profound, more precious than he ever deserved? Anna Edwards Misguided Control In love, sometimes there is no escape. Kim Loraine Until the Stars Fade One wrong turn can lead you in the right direction. J.M. Maurer Seeking Love She's not ready to open her heart. He holds the key. Tuesday Embers Liberating Mr. Gable Anson Gable wasn't looking to stay, but when he met Etta, he found he didn't want to leave. Jamallah Bergman Are You Lonesome Tonight Like daughter, like mother, life tends to parallel through the years. Dylan Allen Leap She wants to take a leap of faith for love, but will he catch her when she falls? J.A. LaFrance From Sweet to Tart With her self-confidence at an all-time low, will a trip to the club help her build it back up, or will she be left more confused than before? Beth Fred The Other Marlowe Girl Help comes in many forms--even a gorgeous stranger. Mary Rogers: Spring Fling Did she truly steal his magic all those years ago? Or was the real theft his heart?

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