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Among Wolves: A Jericho Black Thriller, Book 1 ...
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In the Jericho Black series Will Hessler goes up against neo-Nazis, radical jihadists, East German assassins, and even the KGB, but how did he get his start? How did a starving artist from San Francisco become Israel's most lethal deep-cover operative? It all starts with Book One: Among Wolves. Growing up in 1970s San Francisco as a young artist, Will finds himself at odds with his Nazi war-criminal grandfather and radical jihadist mother. After Will's mother spearheads a terrorist attack in San Francisco, the boy must decide if he is going to turn a blind eye, or take part in an operation that can only end with the destruction of his own family. As the conflict within the family unit comes to a boil, Nazi hunter and Mossad spymaster Saul Greenbaum steps out of the shadows to recruit Will Hessler, and forge him into the agent that Mossad needs to defend the homeland. Can Will grow up fast enough to survive a clash with a PLO splinter group that has already buried far more seasoned operatives? 1. Language: English. Narrator: Conner Goff. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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