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Leading at the Edge of Chaos
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'Leading on the Edge of Chaos' spiegelt die nächste Stufe der Managementidee wider: Wie agiert man in einem Stadium 'ständiger Turbulenz'. Dieses Buch geht über die Frage 'Wie geht man mit Veränderungen um?' hinaus. Es zeigt, wie Organisationen handeln müssen angesichts eines beständigen Wandels. Conner ist Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender von ODR, einer Consultingfirma, die Unternehmen bei der Einführung weitreichender Veränderungen unterstützt. Er fordert 'flexible' Organisationen als das einzig wirksame Mittel, um in der heutigen Zeit wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben. Der Schlüssel zu mehr Flexibilität heißt, sich rasch an veränderte Marktbedingungen anzupassen und gleichzeitig Überprüfungsphasen einzuführen, in denen ermittelt wird, wie gut sich Mitarbeiter auf Veränderungen einstellen können. (09/98) Praise for Leading at the Edge of Chaos 'If your organization is facing any anticipated chaotic event in the next six months-and who isn t-you should read Daryl Conner. His tough-minded definitions of winners vs. losers will make you think twice.' -Craig E. Weatherup, Chairman and CEO, The Pepsi-Cola Company 'Conner s new book is thoroughly original and useful on the mastery of leading change.' -Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration, University of Southern California, and author of Organizing Genius 'Daryl Conner has done it again! The leading authority on managing change has given us what we need right now. Leading at the Edge of Chaos offers prescriptive advice for leading in today s world, where the tempo and thrust of change has escalated. A must read for anyone who is still breathing and leading.' -Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager(r) 'Delightful and thought-provoking . . . [links] deep organizational research with useable real world advice . . . I would recommend this book to others-senior line leaders and their management teams.' -Kenneth Schwenke, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Aramark Corporation 'In the new reality in which the human need for control is continuously assaulted by escalating change, Daryl Conner provides [organization leaders] . . . steps to take . . . in clear language and vivid images, with psychological insight and knowledge born out of broad hands-on experience.' -Judy Bardwick, author of In Praise of Good Business and Danger in the Comfort Zone 'Every executive who is leading constant change in their organizations should read this book.' -Don Beattie, Chief Executive, Personnel, The BOC Group (U.K.) 'Gone are the days when innovations and new ventures were incremental in scope and sequential in nature. In their place is perpetual unrest, unending, fundamental changes . . . ' -Daryl Conner In his 1993 classic, Managing at the Speed of Change, Daryl Conner showed managers how to implement business innovations on time and under budget. In this groundbreaking new book, he shows them how to ride the whirlwind. The tempo of change has sped up to a dizzying pace over the past few years. Globalization, rapid-fire technological innovation, and mounting pressure for shareholder value have pushed the markets into a state of ceaseless turmoil. What was cutting-edge change management theory just five years ago now seems naive. Success amidst such a maelstrom of change calls for much more than what change management models have to offer. It calls for a radically new kind of organization, nimble enough to adapt instantly to changing market conditions, and piloted by leaders versed in the art of Leading at the Edge of Chaos. This book is not about decision making; it is about execution. It is not about predicting change; it is about adapting to it at a moment s notice. Internationally renowned 'Change Doctor' Daryl Conner defines the new roles that all leaders must assume in order to direct the changes that are crucial to their organizations survival. He schools them in all of the essential components of the change process. And, most importantly, he arms them with action steps for instilling their companies with the nimbleness and resilience needed to survive and thrive in today s supervolatile markets. Conner also introduces the revolutionary concept of human due diligence-the human equivalent of financial due

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