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Turned Gay by Monsters, Volume 7: Monsters Made...
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Collecting even more tales of hardcore gay, beastly gangbangs, Turned Gay by Monsters is the perfect bundle for anyone looking to walk on the wild side. These stories include straight to gay turning, rough sex, gangbangs, double anal, dubious consent, mind control, cream pies, and monster sex. "Minotaur Gangbang" Navo is a simple farm boy who rarely ventures into the wild outside of his village. But when his brother becomes deathly ill, all of that changes, and Navo embarks on a quest for the elusive bellaberry, a plant with magical restorative properties. Unfortunately, the bellaberry grows only in the nearby mountains that are swarming with Minotaur. Once captured by the bull-headed beasts, Navo assumes that all is lost - until he realizes that the herd wants more than to eat him for dinner. Instead he suddenly finds himself at the center of a gay monster gangbang. "Martian Ant Gangbang" When Neil's museum acquires the first exhibition of a mysterious Martian asteroid, he's more than a little stressed. Surprisingly, though, the glowing green rock seems to have the exact opposite effect, making everyone who comes in contact with it calmer, happier...and hornier. Neil is so preoccupied with getting himself off that he barely notices the strange infestation of ants that's made its way into the building, growing larger with every hour until they reach the size of humans. After finding a giant tunnel burrowed into the basement of the museum, Neil will soon discover that getting off is much easier than he a giant, Martian ant gangbang! "Jackalope Gangbang" When Conner answers an ad looking for a "perfect ten" farmhand, he's skeptical about the services required, especially when the pay is $50,000 a month. But when he arrives at the farm and meets Teddy and Lisa, an elderly couple who run the government-subsidized ranch, his fears are put at rest. That is until Conner t 1. Language: English. Narrator: Hank Wilder. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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